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Rules at 05/10/2016

The Essex Grand Prix this year is comprised of 5 tournaments

Chelmsford - October
Basildon - November
Southend - January

Colchester - May
Saffron Walden - Chelmsford

GP points are awarded according to the tournament section in which a player has played.

The multiplier used is different for each section.

Main Grand Prix

                                      Multiplier for
                                GP Section contested
Section entered        U9     U11     U14     U18
U6                           x1½
U8                           x2          -        -         -
U9                           x3          -        -         -  
U10                         x4         x2       -         -
U11                         x4½      x3        -         -       
U12                         x5         x4      x2.5        -
U14                         x5         x4      x2.5        -
U18 minor                x5         x3      x2.5    x3
U18 Open                x6         x5.5   x4.5    x5

Basildon Open         x7         x6.5   x5.5    x6


U11 Girls' Grand Prix
Section entered       GP Section Multiplier
U6                                       x1½
U8                                       x2
U9                                       x3
U10                                     x4

U11                                     x4.5

U12                                     x5

U14                                     x5

U18 minor                            x4.5
U18 Open                            x6.5

Basildon Open                     x7.5

Tie Breaks - for use in all sections

The first tie break criterion in GP events is the sum of progressive scores. The second criterion is head to head.

In the case where there are more than 2 tied players, then a system of plus and minus scores is used to determine order.
For example:
Player A, B and C all score 5 points. Only Player A and Player B have played each other and in that game Player A won. The scoring
is Player A +1 for winning, Player B -1 for a loss and Player C 0 for having no game. The medals would be distributed as follows :-
Gold - Player A
Silver - Player C
Bronze - Player B
If that fails to split the players, then the place will be shared.

Other GP Rules:

1. The player with the highest points total in the U9 Grand Prix will be awarded the title of Essex U9 Champion.

2. The player with the highest points total in the U11 Grand Prix will be awarded the title of Essex U11 Champion.

3. The Girl with the highest points total in the Girls U11 Grand Prix will be awarded the title of Essex Girls U11 Champion.

4. The player with the highest points total in the U14 Grand Prix will be awarded the title of Essex U14 Champion.

5. There will be one extra prize for every six entrants who have played in a minimum of two GP events, to a maximum of 5th place.

6. For the Grand Prix the best 3 scores will count towards the total.

7. Players can only score GP points for their own GP age section but there is no restriction on entering older age sections within a tournament.

8. In the unlikely event that age sections are merged then GP Points will be adjusted accordingly.

9. In the event of a tie in one of the prize-wining positions, the tie-break will be the sum of the 2 best scores, followed by the best score.

10. The Manager of the Grand Prix will decide any matter not covered above.



  1. Essex Junior Chess Association expects that all parties involved in its tournaments – players, parents and officials – will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.
  2. The draw for each round will be made by use of either the Tournament Director or UTU Swiss tournament control programmes.  No representations regarding pairings or colours will be entertained.
  3. If the scoring of the previous round is found to be in error this should be brought to the organiser’s attention as soon as possible.  Corrections can only be made between rounds of play and only with the agreement of the Tournament Organiser.
  4. Parents will not be admitted to the playing hall after the start of each round.  Only the Control Team, board stewards, players, and other persons designated by the Tournament Organiser will be allowed in the playing hall.
  5. In the event of a dispute arising during play, any player who has a complaint may request a ruling or help from a Board Steward.  If the player or opponent is unhappy with any decision so made, they may ask for a final ruling by the Tournament Arbiter.
  6. In the event of a dispute arising during the tournament, the Tournament Arbiter shall have the final decision.  There is no appeal against the decision of the Tournament Arbiter.
  7. It is expected that players who win prizes will remain for the prize giving.  Players who are unable to collect their prize by reason of absence from the prize giving (without prior notice of such to the Tournament Organiser) will forfeit the prize.