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The Team Manager, Dave Hawkins, makes the following report -

EPSCA Inter-Association Under-11 Girls Final - 18th April at Fairford, Gloucestershire.

Essex Under-11 Girls went into this event without great expectations, hampered by withdrawals, unavailability, the loss of 2 key players due to emigration, and being able to field only 10 players in a team of 12.  (Two of these only played their first competitive tournament in February.)

This shortfall was despite great efforts by many EJCA committee members to persuade girls to play; the distance they were being asked to travel proved a factor, as was the mismatch in school holiday dates in Suffolk, from where we usually invite 2 girls to play for us.

On arrival, we were offered 2 Newham reserves to play on boards 11 and 12, so at least all our seats were filled.

In the event, the performance by the 10 Essex Girls was simply outstanding; no game was lost through careless play all day, no ending was messed up by inattention, and no game was lost from a winning position. There were some long games fought from difficult positions and some very gutsy performances.

Essex finished in 5th place out of the 15 teams taking part, and scored 23 /30 on our top 10 boards.  Indeed, if the event had been scored over 10 boards only, Essex would have finished in second place, and over the top 8 boards we would have won the event.

Full results can be found on the Oxford Fusion website:-

This was the best performance in recent times from an Essex Girls team, and I am immensely proud of their achievement.

Dave Hawkins

Under-11 Girls Manager