Terafinal Results 2016

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Seven Essex juniors played at the Terafinal this year.  This is the final round of the UK Chess Challenge and it is a great achievement to reach this stage having come through the school, Megafinal (county) and Gigafinal (national) stages.  The Terafinal is for those who came first in their sections at the Gigafinal and and the three challenger sections are for those who finished second or third in their Gigafinal sections.  There are no allowance for age at the Terafinal and the games have a much longer time allowance so it is particularly daunting for the younger players.  It is also uses a points system with 3 for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss.

Well done to all those went.  Particular note must be made of Elliot who finish 4th in the Challengers A section and Tristan who finished 11th and won the Top U9 prize again in the Challengers A section.


Sarah Weersing 6/18 36th=/50

Olga Latypova 3/18 45th=/50

Challengers A

Elliot Cocks 13/18 4th=/41

Tristan Bromelow 10/18 11th=/41 Top U9

Challengers B

Abigail Weersing 10/18 12th=/40

Fraser Caves 4/18 35th=/40

Challengers C

Toby Bates 3/18 37th=/40

Report by Mark McCallum