Under 14s v Richmond JCC

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The under 14 team played the first match in their SCCU u130 Final away at Richmond JCC at their usual venue, Orleans Park School.  It was fortunate for Richmond that after the January grades were published they had four players 130 and above who could still play due to lower August grades whilst we had just the one.  We were outgraded on most boards but many of our team had done well in various events lately and they were sure to give a good account of themselves.

Sure enough the first round of games were closely contested - we had four good wins from Abigail, Christopher, Fraser & Isha plus Jonathan and Ben did well to get draws.  Despite that probably a 7-5 deficit was best we could achieve after some good games played by our opponents.

Round two started off well with Purba winning very quickly after her opponent messed up the opening in spectacular fashion so we were only one point behind after that win!  Sadly, whilst Abigail and Charuk were winning on Boards 1 & 2 the Richmond Boards 3, 4 & 5 looked very solid and Isha could not repeat her good win from the first round.  Some other boards were unclear or close – on the positive side Christopher and Ben won.  Jonathan seemed to be winning briefly but he came out worse from some tactics then we were down to the last few boards and still a couple of wins short.

Urbi and Madison were trying hard but their positions were difficult though Fraser was in with a chance of a full point and Ethan was a pawn up … maybe Lakshan had some chances.  We duly won boards 1 & 2 in the second round but Ethan missed a tactic and came out the exchange down; Fraser’s position got harder after his opponent defended well then sadly he lost after playing a good game.  With these two games gone the Richmond players competently completed wins on the remaining boards to dispel any chances we had of achieving a result.  As usual the full result will appear on the SCCU website in due course.

So it was 7-5 to Richmond in the second round as well making it a 14-10 win to them overall.  It was a close and tough match and one where our team will do well to learn from the experience.  Thanks to all the players for their excellent efforts and parents for their support.  We also congratulate Richmond JCC on their win; thank them for their hospitality and also for organising reserve games which were enjoyed by Charlotte and Max.